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gudy 870

Often called a “transfer” or “free” adhesive gudy 870 performs much the same as the gudy 831 but does so without using a center carrier. The look is similar to a wide roll of ATG and lends itself well to mounting both photos and irregular shaped graphics. The adhesive used is an acid and solvent-free acrylic and will not dry out of become yellow with age. In addition gudy 870 has also passed the Photographic Activity Test (per ANSI IT9.16)

Often called a “free” or “transfer” adhesive gudy 870 is like a double sided tape but does not have a center carrier. Instead it is a very thin layer of adhesive coated onto a siliconised release paper. When the graphic is touched to the adhesive it “transfers” to it making it self-adhesive. Because gudy 870 does not have a center carrier it is uniquely well suited for irregular shapes like those found in memory albums. gudy 870 is acid-free and will not discolor or become brittle with age.

Item #
266940.69" x 99' (18 mm x 30 m)
2646412.2" x 33' (310 mm x 10 m)
2647124.4" x 33' (620 mm x 10 m)

Product Specifications
  • transparent, very thin adhesive film without a carrier
  • suitable for smooth and flexible surfaces
  • hardly increases the object's thickness
  • the adhesive does not peel away when cut or when the backing paper is removed